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when your Photo Means business

Photography achieves memory retention and comprehension that written communication alone cannot. This is why photos are the highest traffic-driving content online; the number-one shared content in social media. This emotional visual connection is a key component in setting you appart from your competition. Good visuals are to your marketing communication what a music score is to a movie: they bypass reason and connect directly to your clients' emotions. The result is more powerful attention to your message. 

Image can be everything when it comes to advertising communication. Every piece of communication that goes out without powerful visuals or with generic imagery waters down the full potential of your brand. It makes your hard-earned media buying an airplane ticket that goes unsold. You are in business because you love what you do and because you believe in making your clients' lives better. So are we and our mission is to help you get your point across and have a return on your investment.

In a world where "everybody is a photographer" good photography production still comes from education and experience. It knows how to use contrast, lighting, color and semiotics to make your product the focal point. That is what we do: PHOTOMEANS is photography services by professionals for professionals. We customize production and usage fees to your campaign needs.

Album artwork for "Fearles," 2013. 

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